A Weekend Get-Away Destination near you that’s Not on Every College Student’s ‘Places-To-Go’ List: Churu

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Malji Ka Kamra: made as a guesthouse to Maharaja of Bikaner by Malji Kothari – one of the richest Seths of Churu. The place was originally used as an entertainment house for visiting dignitaries with artists being called upon from all corners of Bikaner riyasat.

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One of the rooms still carry an original painting of Ganga Singh Ji, the ruler of Bikaner – who used to stay in that particular room during his frequent visits to Churu. Malji would get it demolished and reconstructed til the time he was happy which explains how it took 17 years to construct it!

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This palatial place was gradually decked over a period of seventeen odd years to make it look like an eclectic party venue hosting ballroom waltzes to performing arts for the elite merchants, the royalty, the British officers and whoever was the then toast of the region.


The haveli’s pillared exteriors, a fusion of Italian and Shekhawati architecture styles embellished with stucco work of beautiful figurines of men and women, many in various dance moves pose as ample evidence of the place’s bygone revelry.

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The place gives a sneak peak about the lighter side of the Seths, usually perceived to be workaholics, with their nose always buried in ledger books.

Malji Ka Kamra looks like a 19th century venetian villa with a unique combination of an Italian-style-construction, combined with ingenuity of local architects. It is now a restored heritage building with 14 rooms and suites, carefully preserving the elements of the original architecture.

The lavish property aims to recreate the ambience of yore, to host modern-day travellers and introduce them to a region full of architectural relics!

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The ornamental and grand structure has a Mughal styled main entrance door which is a gigantic 30 feet high, tall enough for an elephant to pass through.

Covered with iron sheets, brass bars, iron spikes, iron chains and brass knockers, this door looks royal in every aspect, with paintings of various generations of Bikaner kings, Radhe-Krishna amongst others.

What’s more, there are jarokhas on either side of the magnificent door from where flowers were showered on to the welcomed guests!

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Visit and explore Churu, the least explored of the three districts comprising of Shekhawati, to find a slice of the real Indian experiences you’re looking for. 


By That Candor Girl


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