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Heritage Walk

Go back centuries and dream about camels, caravans, traders and their lifestyles in the desert. Go back to the British colonial times and think of banking channels, moneylenders, and baniyas. Or think of contemporary India and its family has driven business empires, enterprise and the quintessential, thrifty Marwari Seths in all corners of India – the Marwari community is at the heart of it. Churu is a 450-year-old town and is a homeland to Marwaris – India’s most successful business community since the time of Mughals. This guided tour offers the opportunity to explore town’s old quarter: majestic havelis, beautiful fresco paintings, knowing untold stories and people behind this entire legacy… Immerse yourself in immaculate works of art all around you. Get transported to another era in the treasure trove of havelis’ fading, crumbling glory in the maze of streets of this secret town.

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Crafts Visits

In Churu, we celebrate the un-celebrated: award-winning artists whose work is a sheer joy to witness. There is something in the air here that inspires people to perfect skills that go beyond the usual. In addition, the crafts tour is designed to give a higher level of local engagement by going to people’s homes and backyards. The tour is sure to create a much richer understanding of region’s culture and living by going beyond the historical sightseeing. In this Hands-On tour, we cover Bandhej (Tie & Dye work), Block Printing, Miniature Wood Carvings, Lacquer Bangles, Pottery and Silver Jewelry. A local auto ride is included for some spots while others are on foot. Note: There are no visits to showrooms as part of the tour. Detailed workshops are organized for special interest groups in textiles (Tie & Dye) or Miniature Wood carvings. 

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One of the advantages of Churu is its location: for multiple days stays, MKK is an excellent base for exploring the neighboring villages of Ramgarh and Mahansar. Towns of Fatehpur and Mandawa are also a short drive away. Set-up as a sister town to Churu by Poddar merchants in 1830’s, Ramgarh is practically named as a town of the merchants (i.e. Ramgarh Sethan). One of the most beautiful and prosperous towns in India around 1850’s, It has got beautiful cenotaphs made by Poddar family, a temple with most impressive Belgian glass-work in addition to numerous frescoed havelis. On the other hand, Mahansar has an excellent Sone Ki Dukaan i.e. Golden Haveli, the couple of really nice havelis and a very laid-back vibe. A full day tour also covers towns of Mandawa and Fatehpur which are more touristy and busy. There are several havelis of interest with most notable being Nadine Le Prince haveli (in Fatehpur) and Goenka/ Saraf havelis in Mandawa.