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Take a short ride to reach a gorgeous sand dune spot just outside town. Sit atop dunes for a pleasant evening with sands cooling off underneath your feet. You have a good view of surrounding landscape and with the evening Sun rays kissing you goodbye, it becomes a .picture perfect setting. As the sun sets and stars start appearing above you, stay back gazing and marveling at their beauty… the desert air all around you makes it surreal and the silence plays its own music

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Johra Dinner

8 km from the town lays Prem Sarovar - a small water reservoir typical of the area to harvest rainwater. In old days, such reservoirs were used by travelers passing by on camel or horseback to take short stops or to pitch a tent nearby to spend the night. Now, this is turned into a magical dining experience for you. The water backdrop is lit up with Oil lamps, the food gets perfectly cooked on coal, and sit-down candlelight environs offer a sublime setting to celebrate some precious moments with your loved ones or to raise a toast on certain special occasions. Ideally, you reach the spot before sunset, have a drink as the sun goes down and makes way for stars while your dinner arrangements get ready.

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Desert Bonfire

Greeted by oil filled lamps and candles, along with soothing tunes of light music, the desert is inviting and mesmerizing. There is no clichéd cultural dance performance to take the focus away from nature. Sit back, look at the stars above, engage in conversations with your partner, family or fellow travelers and enjoy the evening with sumptuous kebabs grilled on fire by our chef.