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Marwari Cooking Class
EXPERIENCE THE LIVE TRADITIONAL MARWARI COOKING AT GREEN LAWNS Engage, Enrich, and Evolve your culinary skills in the authentic Marwari cuisine and relish in the most spectacular recipes from our Chefs.
Pottery at Artisan Home
Witness the magic of clay and the true craftsmanship of Churu live at the artist’s home, and unveil the enthralling beauty of the delicate and exquisite artworks.
Community Farming at a Dhani
Just outside the town,see village life in dhani kadwasar,dhani’s farm prodce are much sought after in churu’s vegetable market and known for their freshers.rustic village experience where you will see speecific farming techniques to best utilize modest natural resources.A good place to get acquainted with indian joint family traditions.
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