Art & Craft visits

For an insight into local crafts, there are a number of things you can choose to do.

Miniature Wood carvings: Some very impressive work done on tiny pieces of sandalwood is what you can find in town. The family practicing it has received President level medals for their work as well as have found space in likes of National Geographic. Some of these are hugely impressive and can make for a nice souvenir to take back with you.

Pottery: Visit a potter and see how they make interesting mud-vessels to be used for varied purposes. These vessels keep water temperature down and are still widely used in summer months. It is mostly a summer job, so a prior notice might be required for a demonstration.

Lacquer Bangles/ Laakh ki Chudiyan: See the process of making of this particular kind of bangles in the town.

Papad Making: Women in the area still practice making papad (spiced up lentil flour, thinly grinded and dried) in their homes. Meet them while they are at work.

Bandhej Work: Another typical work done in the area. This is one of the oldest tie and dye technique. It involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points, thus producing a variety of patterns like Leheriya, Mothra, Ekdali and Shikari depending on the manner in which the cloth is tied. The main colours used in Bandhani are yellow, red, blue, green and black. Bandhej work, after the processing is over, results into a variety of symbols including, dots, squares, waves and strips.

The crafts tour in town gets even more interesting as you could also witness Block printing work (for which Jaipur/ Sanganer is famous) as well as intricate Silver work being done in small shops. For a small town, Churu provides you an amazing variety of craft experiences and leaves you spellbound.