Religious Outings

Salasar Balaji:

Salasar Balaji or Salasar Dham is a place of religious importance for the devotees of Hanuman. It is located 85 kms/ 1.15 hrs from Churu. The temple attracts innumerable worshipers throughout the year. On Chaitra Purnima and Ashvin Purnima (according to Hindu calender) large fairs are organized which millions of devotees visit as they pay homage to the deity.

Initially a small construction, the temple of Salasar Balaji is now considered to be a Shakti Sthal (a place of power) and Swayambhu (self creation) by faith, belief, miracles and wish fulfillments of the devotees.

One of the most remarkable features of this famous temple is that Akhand Hari Kirtan (continuous chanting of name of Lord Rama) has been going on in the temple premises for the last 20 years. Also, a number of devotees can be seen tying coconuts with moli (sacred red threads) in the temple premises which is believed to fulfill all their wishes, if done with sincere faith.

Architecturally, white marble stone has been used as primary material throughout the construction of the temple, whereas the entire circulatory path, the Sabha Mandap (prayer hall) and the Sanctum Sanctorum is covered with artistic works of Gold and Silver. The vestibule, the doors and the utensils used in worshiping are made of silver. The main gate is made up of carving works of white marble. The temple shrine and the sanctum sanctorum are decorated with floral patterns and other kinds of mosaic works done in Gold and Silver to give the temple a rich look.

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