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When To Visit

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Climatic conditions vary throughout the year in Rajasthan. This region is one of the hottest in India. The year is divided into four distinct seasons: Summers, Monsoons, Autumn, and Winters. Each season could allow you to see differently Shekhawati region, with his own charm.
Temperature: varies between 32° to 45° Celsius. Sometimes, the temperature may rise up to 48°C during afternoons. However, this temperature tends to fall down during at night. Early mornings and late evenings are the perfect times for roaming around outside.
Temperatures: varies between 30°Celsius to 40°Celsius. 90% of the annual rain lays during this period. This period transforms the arid landscape of Rajasthan.
Temperatures: varies between 33°Celsius to 38°. This period is considered as the post-Monsoons.
Temperatures: varies between 10°Celsius to 25°Celsius. However, the minimum temperature recorded at Churu was 2.2°Celsius. In fact, Churu lays near Tar Desert, and this is the place where the temperatures are the most extreme In Rajasthan.
Ideally, the ideal time to visit Rajasthan and Shekhawati season is after the monsoon. The best months are from Mid October to Mid March. The desert sun is not so intense, and the days are pleasant. The winters offer an excellent view of Rajasthan and Tar desert. This period is considered to be the best time to visit Rajasthan. But as we said, each season has its own charm and is enjoyable. It all depends on what you expect from your trip.
The monsoons moisturize the dry and sandy landscape of Shekhawati region and offer a more pleasant experience. Monsoon rains are gradually shifting from South to the North, and the temperatures tend to drop across the state. During this period you can discover the magical face of India while avoiding the peak season and its crowds.

The peak season is during the post-monsoon season and the winter, from Mid October to Mid March. This is the main period when tourists exploring Rajasthan, and when many fairs are held.

Winter held many fairs and major cultural festival in Shekhawati, and in Rajasthan. The region is well lively and dynamic.
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