Wild Life

Tal chhapar area was a game reservoir for the erstwhile Maharaja of Bikaner State and was declared a reserved area for the protection of wild animals and birds in the year 1962.

Located on the edge of the Great Indian Desert, it is home to a good variety of animals and birds. The place nestles a unique refuge of the most elegant Antelope encountered in India, “the Black buck”. Other wild animals found in the sanctuary are chinkara, fox, juangle cat, rojra along with many resident and migratory birds. It lies on the way of migratory pass of many birds and therefore it is also popular with bird lovers. Some of the different species of migratory birds that can be seen in the sanctuary are harriers, sand grouses, demoiselle cranes, patridges, short toed eagles, blue ibis, tawny eagles, imperial eagles and many others.

Many small streams and ponds can be seen in certain seasons and the place has an ethereal beauty. There are very few trees that can be seen in the Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary and most of the vegetation is in form of grasslands.

In the sanctuary, a special type of grass is found. This grass is called Mothiya locally. The word “Mothiya” comes come from the word “Moti” or from the English word for Pearl. The shape of the seed of this grass resembles very fine round shaped pearls. Mothiya has a very sweet taste. People enjoy eating it, but it is found in very small quantities. Production is only a few kilograms every season. Mothiya is also food for Black bucks and other birds which dig it from earth with their starks.

Tal Chhapar is situated at a comfortable distance of 85 kms/1.15 Hrs from Churu. Lunch can be packed from hotel and served at a pre-identified location by our staff.