Desert Jeep Safari
The safari offers you a close insight into the lifestyle in desert.An engaging experience involving water conservation and harvesting, rural life,our flora and fauna and wildlife in region,it helps you appreciate the nuances of life in these areas.
Motorcycle Tour
Combine exploration of shekawati while adding a flovour of driving on indianroads,it covers towns of nearby villages.However,guest also have the possibility to design their own plan at leisure.
Sanddune Bashing
Add on an exhilarating experience along with your royal stay. A ride on the 4×4 vehicle wending its way around the dune and giving you a Real Joy of Adventurous dune bashing safari drive in Churu
Cycle Tour of the Town
A Bicycle tour on the street of Churu weaving from the Heritage monuments to the cultural and the Traditional Churu’s Bazaar serves glimpses of churu’s highlight.
Camel Cart/ Camel Ride
Enjoy riding on a camel back or in tastefully decorated camel cart in Churu’s surrounding desert.Churu is gateway to the thar and its virgin lands presents a great chance to experience riding ship of the desert.
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