Sight Seeing
Heritage Walk
Churu is homeland to Marwaris-India’s most successful business community since the time of Mughals. The town boasts of fabulous mansions (havelis) made by Marwari families with impressive fresco paintings and numerous buildings of public use.
Shekhawati Tour
Ramgarh is practically named after its merchants and was inhabited by Poddar merchants from Churu. It has some beautiful cenotaphs, a temple with most impressive glass-work in addition to numerous frescoed havelis while Mahansar has fabulously painted Sone Ki Dukaan i.e Golden haveli.
Blackbucks are the main attraction here,but it has also developed into an excellent birding site.harriers,eastern Imperial eagle,tawnyeagle,short-toed eagle,sparrowetc.being common sightings.peacocks are seen dancing with their fasters spread in full.
Jain Temple
This Jain Temple in Churu has some of the best paintings painted in Golden colors. This special temple, which is maintained by Kotharis, is at least a few centuries old and worth a visit when you are in Churu.
Sethani Johara
Sethani ka Johrawas built by the wife of BhagwandasBagla, he was the first Marwari Shekhawati ‘Crorepati’ (multi-millionaire). This reservoir was constructed as a relief project during the terrible ‘Chhappania Akal’, Indian famine of 1899-1900 (vikramsamvat 1956)
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