Discover the Marwari Homeland

MALJI KA KAMRA is a century old, restored haveli and a concept hotel in town of Churu, on the edge of Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. The turquoise blue, Wedding cake like tiered structure is an architectural marvel – a unique combination of European pillared architecture, Italian art-deco influences, Mughal style doors and arches together with Shekhawati style fresco paintings.

Originally constructed by Malchand Kothari – a rich merchant – it is one of the most floral designs of the great Marwari construction (19th and early 20th century). Today, we serve as the platform to showcase the story of India’s great merchants – The Marwaris. Culturally and ideologically, the story of these commoners provide a narrative that breaks away from the one about Maharajas, their lifestyles, forts and palaces – a thread that binds most of Rajasthan destinations together.

To live this fascinating story and know their intriguing culture, we invite you to our home.  Wander through our streets where opulent havelis rise on either side telling the tales of their times through fresco paintings, witness interesting traditions of handcrafted items and meet the artisan families, explore colorful bazaars, take a Safari to understand the life in town’s deserted surroundings, listen to the tunes of Shekhawati’s musicians or enjoy your leisurely moments with your loved ones through our special experiences – all these and more await you at Churu.

Explore this delightful gem to go beyond the touristic circuits and the stories of Maharajas to uncover a remarkable story of growth, economic success and social contribution, without which no account of Rajasthan can be considered complete.

Our Rooms

Malji Ka Kamra has a selection of suites carrying original murals and fine double rooms painstakingly restored to blend with the period and architecture.

The rooms are elegant and comfortable with attached bathrooms and modern amenities. All rooms are air conditioned.
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Spice Court, our restaurant serves delectable buffet style meals featuring traditional Rajasthani cuisine. Seating can be arranged at varied places – in the restaurant, in our garden or at open-to-sky terraces in traditional style.
Kitchen closes at 23:00 HRS but limited Room service is provided 24 hours.
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Made as a guesthouse to Maharaja of Bikaner by Malji Kothari – one of the richest Seths of Churu – Malji Ka Kamra is over 100 years’ old. The place was used as an entertainment house for visiting dignitaries with artists being called upon from all corners of his riyasat.
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