Discover the best of Shekhawati

MALJI KA KAMRA is a century old, restored mansion (haveli) in town of Churu, on the edge of Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. The turquoise blue, Wedding cake like tiered structure is an architectural marvel – a unique combination of Shekhawati’s famous fresco paintings with European pillared architecture, Italian art-deco influences and Mughal style doors and arches.

Our 12 room property works as a unique gateway to discover Shekhawati’s “open art gallery” beyond its touristic town of Mandawa. Churu’s havelis, quiet and unhustled as they are, serve as a fresh breath of air and take you to a different era of artistic beauty. At the same time, there is much to discover in town making it one of the best Rajasthan experiences – if your idea of a travel involves knowing the people, their story and culture, enjoying your own space in tranquil environs and not simply finding the monuments.

We invite you to come and explore Churu with us to find a slice of real India experiences you might be looking for.

The Story

Made as a guesthouse by Mal Chand ji Kothari – one of the richest merchants/ Seths of Churu – Malji Ka Kamra is over 100 years’ old. The place was used as an entertainment house (rangmahal) for his guests with artists being called upon from all corners of Bikaner riyasat.
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The People

Unlike rest of Rajasthan, Shekhawati’s great havelis, fresco paintings and everything else there is to see belongs to common people – the Marwari merchants. And it is these people who make it special – for you and for us. Find some of their stories here…
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Things To Do

Haveli Haven, “Open art gallery”, Rural Rajasthan, Perfect Offbeat destination, Craft experiences, Sand dunes…Churu is all this and much more. Find out what all you can do while you stay with us.
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